Eurojusitalia, the database for direct access to 'Italian' case law of the Court of Justice and the General Court of the European Union




The idea behind the Eurojusitalia database dates back many years to publication of the first edition of "Case law of Community Law. Selected Cases' (publisher Giuffrè, now available at Priority was given to collecting relevant European Union case law, with several editions being published (the fifth in 2020) and then the database being set up.
The purpose of Eurojusitalia is to provide a useful, immediate tool for accessing the case law of the Court of Justice and the General Court of the European Union originating from 'Italian applications' and preliminary rulings issued by Italian judges from 2020 onwards. The focus, therefore, is on Italian cases, documenting, for preliminary rulings, their origin and follow-up, and then the order of referral and the subsequent ruling of the national court (national suivi). 

Eurojusitalia provides an overview of Italian questions submitted to the Court of Justice and the General Court of the European Union. It also allows the user to see how national judges have followed (or are following) the Court's decisions. This information is not always easy to find and it may be useful not only for those who study EU law and its application in Italy but also for judges and lawyers dealing with similar cases who want to know the precedent and those who wish to inform themselves on Italian cases. 

The website's home page has been designed to allow easy computerized searches to avoid those who need information being 'discouraged' by a difficult search method. The main page has a variety of search filters (such as 'judicial body', 'case details', 'subject search', 'keyword search', 'name of parties', and 'date of delivery' ) which facilitate and direct consultation, while guaranteeing a link to the Court of Justice's website, using a special cross-reference link, which can be used whenever the user wishes to examine other documentation (more than one filter can be used in the search).
Eurojusitalia aims to ensure constant updating of its content, including the case law of the Unified Patent Court, operational as of 1 June 2023, which is entitled to make referrals. 
I would like to thank the lawyers involved in the 'Italian cases' for their cooperation, the people who collaborated in the creation of the database (and who will continue to keep it updated and fit for purpose), in particular Cristina Ranno, Ginevra Greco, Sara Morlotti and, for what concerns the technical side, Pyx-is IT Consulting. I would also like to thank in advance anyone who wishes to report new cases, provide information on ongoing cases and make any valuable suggestions.